I’m a senior copywriter. I do:

Ads. Blog posts. Book editing. Book writing. Brainstorming. Campaigns. Donuts or doughnuts. Emails. Event branding. Infographics. Jokes. Mobile content. Naming. Product descriptions. Random acts of awesome. Signage. Social. Swag. Video scripts. Voiceover. Web content. Creative activism. Probably some other stuff.

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KEEN: Email & Web

EMAIL I worked with art directors, product marketers, merchandisers, and SEO experts to write KEEN’s 40+ marketing emails/month and push our average open rates 26%+. Our team pivoted on a dime for sales email series, doubled down on our sends during the holidays, improved transactional emails, and more. Art director: Blake Tarpley WEB I worked … More

JiveWorld Videos

JIVEWORLD17 These two video concepts were chosen over those pitched by external agencies. Originally only one video was wanted, but both concepts won over decision makers. These videos were created to show on main stage at JiveWorld, Jive’s annual conference. Jive Connects Us Jive Connects Us was created over the course of 2 days at JiveWorld to tell the brand … More

VegFund Content

I bring to the table four years of research, writing, and political activism. On my personal blog and on social media, I write about animal agriculture, climate change, and the positive global impact of switching to a plant-based diet.

KEEN: Socks & Sandals

Socks and sandals are SO hot right now. But then again, they’ve always been in-style–at least for those in-the-know (I’m looking at you, ninth grade biology teachers). When our team realized there was no holiday for socks and sandals (sacrilege!), we decided to claim the month of May in the name of fun, kooky comfort. … More

Book Editing

As a copy editor, I rewrite for readability, reorganize to improve flow, and work to ensure manuscripts are free of factual and grammatical errors. I enjoy providing easy, repeatable solutions that allow the author to express complex content and collaborating to make sure logic is baked all the way through. And even when I’m deep … More

KEEN: Blog Posts

ROLE: Senior copywriter I supported KEEN’s Editorial Director in writing SEO-driven blog posts to drive organic search and support our email marketing campaigns. Click through to read the full post. CONSERVATION STYLE PERFORMANCE TRAVEL FINDING RAMEN IN TOKYOARCHING TOWARD THE SIERRAS IN THE ALABAMA HILLSJUMPING INTO JUNGLES IN NICARAGUACHASING WATERFALLS ON IRIOMOTE ISLAND

Jive: A Game of Intranet Pursuit

ROLE: Concept, research, writer We were tasked with creating a fact sheet about the 20+ pain points of building an intranet from scratch. BORING. My art director and I knew there had to be a better way to share the information–and do so in a way that would make it shareable. This board game was the … More

KEEN Product Descriptions

Role: Senior Copywriter Every season at KEEN, I worked with product marketers to write descriptions, headlines, and tag lines for new products.

KEEN: Print

ROLE: Senior copywriter I worked with KEEN project managers, art directors, and product marketers to create a variety of content and print materials, from product descriptions and in-store signage, to event swag, and more. KEEN Garage Windows A letter & paw print Signage

Voiceover Work

If you like what you hear, let me know. I’d love to work with you. Visit McMinnville Role: Voiceover Art Direction: Elissa Kevrekian KEEN: Open Spaces Role: Script, voiceover KEEN Call to Action Role: Recorded message Want to call ALL your senators with just one phone call? Call 202-902-9488 and listen to the nice lady … More

Expedia: Airplane Etiquette

ROLE: Concepts, copywriter We were charged with incorporating the findings of Expedia’s research into quirky, sharable content. I worked with the Art Director to come up with the concept, decide which stats to use, and how to make them fly. Home

Habitz Mobile Content

ROLE: Copywriter, copyeditor, storyteller I served as a consultant, copywriter, and storyteller for Habitz, a mobile app for kids. My role included copy editing the website and the mobile experience (including dual audience experiences for kids and parents), writing marketing and transactional emails, and writing interactive chat stories for children. Home

Microsoft ExpertZone

ROLE: Copywriter Working closely with subject matter experts, I wrote nearly 40 blogs for the Microsoft Retail Advisor program, spanning such topics as Office, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Surface, and Xbox. I tested apps and wrote reviews, created sales how-tos and product recommendations, plus created and promoted a slew of contests. We … More

Jive: GoDaddy Customer Video

ROLE: Concepts, primary scriptwriter and producer, pinch-hitter as on-screen narrator In this video, GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, Auguste Goldman, describes Jive as their “mosh pit of ideas.” Home

Jive: How-To Videos

ROLE: Concepts, scripting, co-producer, voiceover Episode 1: How to Build an Excellent Project Page Within Jive Episode 2: How to Keep Answers Organized Within Jive Work goal: To write a guinea pig into a video script–and not get its scene cut. This was a good day to be a copywriter. Home

Jive Campaigns

“Jive Is…” Campaign ROLE: Concepts, copywriter Jive Software is actually multiple products that are used in many ways by hundreds of companies–which is why the task of explaining Jive in a headline isn’t easy. But that was the ask: a single headline, starting with “Jive is.” From this, we created the “Jive Is” campaign. By … More

What’s way down here?

Just what you’d expect: A blog. Welcome to the Vegan Propaganda Zone.

Peace starts at breakfast

When I flirted with the idea of going vegan, I couldn’t imagine giving up milk. As usual, the trouble began when I started asking questions.

Gift shopping for vegans

Shopping for a vegan friend or family member but not sure what to things avoid? Check out these 3 quick tips to make gift giving easier.