Words are easy! Design is tougher.

Please contain your excitement as I update my site.

KEEN: Email & Web

EMAIL I worked with art directors, product marketers, merchandisers, and SEO experts to write KEEN’s 40+ marketing emails/month and push … More

JiveWorld Videos

JIVEWORLD17 These two video concepts were chosen over those pitched by external agencies. Originally only one video was wanted, but both … More

VegFund Content

“Ok…but why veganism? No one wants to go vegan.” Learn more. In addition to my professional experience, I bring to … More

KEEN: Socks & Sandals

Socks and sandals are SO hot right now. But then again, they’ve always been in-style–at least for those in-the-know (I’m … More

Book Editing

As a copy editor, I rewrite for readability, reorganize to improve flow, and work to ensure manuscripts are free of … More

KEEN: Blog Posts

ROLE: Senior copywriter I supported KEEN’s Editorial Director in writing SEO-driven blog posts to drive organic search and support our email … More

Jive: A Game of Intranet Pursuit

ROLE: Concept, research, writer We were tasked with creating a fact sheet about the 20+ pain points of building an … More

KEEN Product Descriptions

Role: Senior Copywriter Every season at KEEN, I worked with product marketers to write descriptions, headlines, and tag lines for … More

KEEN: Print

ROLE: Senior copywriter I worked with KEEN project managers, art directors, and product marketers to create a variety of content and … More

Voiceover Work

If you like what you hear, let me know. I’d love to work with you. Visit McMinnville Role: Voiceover Art … More

Expedia: Airplane Etiquette

ROLE: Concepts, copywriter We were charged with incorporating the findings of Expedia’s research into quirky, sharable content. I worked with the Art Director … More

Habitz Mobile Content

ROLE: Copywriter, copyeditor, storyteller I served as a consultant, copywriter, and storyteller for Habitz, a mobile app for kids. My … More

Microsoft ExpertZone

ROLE: Copywriter Working closely with subject matter experts, I wrote nearly 40 blogs for the Microsoft Retail Advisor program, spanning … More

Jive: GoDaddy Customer Video

ROLE: Concepts, primary scriptwriter and producer, pinch-hitter as on-screen narrator In this video, GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, Auguste Goldman, describes … More

Jive: How-To Videos

ROLE: Concepts, scripting, co-producer, voiceover Episode 1: How to Build an Excellent Project Page Within Jive Episode 2: How to … More

Jive Campaigns

“Jive Is…” Campaign ROLE: Concepts, copywriter Jive Software is actually multiple products that are used in many ways by hundreds … More

Bloggy Woggy

This space for rent.

Gift shopping for vegans

Shopping for a vegan friend or family member but not sure what to things avoid? Check out these 3 quick tips to make gift giving easier.

I didn’t mean to go vegan

I can’t remember how it started; I had to scroll back through Facebook to see the last picture of a … More

Bearing Witness

I had a rare Friday off and I went to witness to animals being delivered to a slaughterhouse in WA.

Your friendly neighborhood vegan

I’ve been experimenting with vegan chalk activism, but I’m ready to take it up a notch… with informative bunting. Weirdo neighbor alert? Definitely.