Peace starts at breakfast

When I flirted with the idea of going vegan, I couldn’t imagine giving up milk. As usual, the trouble began when I started asking questions.

Mortifying habits

As I’ve been thinking about vulnerabilities and being a teen, I wanted to share something personal—and frankly, kinda yuck. It’s a thing I’ve always hidden, but as I’m entering my late 30s, I’m starting to feel like it’s time to share things so others out there can find solutions and not feel so alone. So here goes.

Bearing Witness

I had a rare Friday off and I went to witness to animals being delivered to a slaughterhouse in WA.

Your friendly neighborhood vegan

I’ve been experimenting with vegan chalk activism, but I’m ready to take it up a notch… with informative bunting. Weirdo neighbor alert? Definitely.

Gift shopping for vegans

Shopping for a vegan friend or family member but not sure what to things avoid? Check out these 3 quick tips to make gift giving easier.

A Jive love song

This is what it feels like to work at a company that gets it. Much love to you, Jive.