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Welcome to the Vegan Propaganda Zone.

If money or time weren’t an issue, I would spend my energy advocating for animals and a plant-based diet. Veganism is smack dab in the intersection of everything: health, science, climate change, social justice, and making the world a more peaceful place for all its inhabitants. I believe it is the most important thing everyone can do, right now, to change the world—and I also feel my communication skills make me a powerful advocate.

I started down this path with the blog post, I didn’t mean to go vegan. Going forward, I hope to expand on my ideas, dig into research, and be a voice for the voiceless.

Mortifying habits

As I’ve been thinking about vulnerabilities and being a teen, I wanted to share something personal—and frankly, kinda yuck. It’s a thing I’ve always hidden, but as I’m entering my late 30s, I’m starting to feel like it’s time to share things so others out there can find solutions and not feel so alone. So…

I didn’t mean to go vegan

I can’t remember how it started; I had to scroll back through Facebook to see the last picture of a meal with meat in it. It was a Coney Island hotdog in 2014. 

Social copy samples

I was thinking about all the social copy work I’d done over the years and thought I’d gather some of my favorites. Working as a social media strategist at Sparkloft meant full control over Portico (now Inspirato) and One&Only Resorts brands. And as a copywriter at CMD, I mostly just filled in from time to…

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