Book Editing

As a copy editor, I rewrite for readability, reorganize to improve flow, and work to ensure manuscripts are free of factual and grammatical errors. I enjoy providing easy, repeatable solutions that allow the author to express complex content and collaborating to make sure logic is baked all the way through. And even when I’m deep in rewrite land, I strive to retain the original voice and tone of the author.

Raising Healthy Eaters
by Yael Dror

Nutritionist Yael Dror’s unique e-book is part parenting help, part cook book, and hugely educational. As the book’s editor, I revised, reorganized, and edited content, including recipes. I also established repeatable guidelines for listing recipe ingredients and explaining preparation methods.

Reading Poker Tells
Reading Verbal Tells
Exploiting Poker Tells

by Zachary Elwood

This three-book series established Zachary Elwood as one of the leading experts on poker tells. His first book, Reading Poker Tells, has has been called the best book on poker tells by both professional and recreational players and has been translated into seven languages.

In addition to editing and organizing very complex content, I acted as a sounding board for an entirely new way to think about tells, applying logic and reason to validate or improve the author’s interpretation of poker hands.

Sample excerpts from Reading Poker Tells and Verbal Poker Tells:

Spartacus Ryan Zander and the Secrets of the Incredible
By Molly Elwood

In addition to editing books, I’m also the author of a middle grade book. Learn more.