HP Consumer and B2B Support

HP Elite Pro x2 Video
We were tasked with creating a promotional video for the HP Elite Pro x2 detachable, showcasing its mobility, durability, and productivity. I created the script, worked closely with the director on the visuals, and was on hand during the shoot.

Originally, this was a much longer video featuring two devices and included a much longer scripted storyline to illustrate the different needs of a content creator and a C-level executive. Watch the longer version.

HP Z Workstation Video
The challenge? To create a video for sales reps to show potential customers what would showcase the innovations of the HP Z Workstations—devices that span desktops, laptops, towers, and minis—while demonstrating the versatility of its application. The twist? We had to complete this task using existing footage. In addition to scripting, I did the legwork to find all the missing pieces, including fact checking to make sure what we were showing and what we were saying really did align. Here’s the result:

HP Consumer and B2B Support Articles
As a content expert for HP printers, I wrote how-to articles for both consumers and B2B audiences. My role in the creation of this content included contributing to editorial calendar planning, researching consumer sticking-points, and conducting plenty of in-house trials. I was also tasked with image gathering and often created unique “how-to” imagery. (Do note that this was in 2010; content was pretty lengthy at the time.)

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HP Newsgram
These emails went out monthly to consumers to promote the top features of new hero products. This HP LaserJet was one of my favorite printers; it scans—in 3D:

03_HP Topshot LaserJet NewsGram

HP Creative Studio
Our team of creative designers created printable games, crafts, and guides for the HP Creative Studio–this content could be printed directly from the HP printer’s touch screen. My role as a copywriter was often to translate designs into steps that consumers could follow to create the craft. In other cases, such as the fill-in-the-story game or the photo-booth how-to, content played a more central role in the project.

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