Jive Campaigns

“Jive Is…” Campaign

ROLE: Concepts, copywriter

Jive Software is actually multiple products that are used in many ways by hundreds of companies–which is why the task of explaining Jive in a headline isn’t easy. But that was the ask: a single headline, starting with “Jive is.” From this, we created the “Jive Is” campaign. By pairing brand recognition with our customers’ own words, we are able to describe all the unique use cases of Jive.

The final components included a hero video on the Jive Customer landing page (also below), ads, rebranded white papers, and customer videos.

This campaign ultimately became this SEO-focused “What is Jive?” video.

The Workstyle Movement Campaign

ROLE: Copywriter

Jive’s “workstyle” campaign aimed to explore the different ways in which people do their best work–and how companies can retain the best talent and boost productivity by giving them the tools they need to succeed. Working closely with my team, I helped support the campaign in the creation of videos, a landing page, and social components, plus content to promote webinars and blog posts.

Workstyle blog

The Workstyle Movement – Episode 3: Working Transparently

ROLE: Video concepts, primary scripting, producer

In this episode, we had the opportunity to work with our customer, Yahoo. My Creative Director and I pitched a number of concepts that would appeal to both to Jive and Yahoo’s stakeholders.

Watch additional Workstyle videos:
The Workstyle Movement

Fragmentation Campaign

ROLE: Concepts, copywriter, copyeditor, scriptwriter, and more

We were tasked with exploring how different departments and verticals
experience disconnect, and how Jive provides a unique solution for each use case. Our target audiences included HR, IT, Corp Comms, and Health Care. To support the campaign, I worked with SMEs to outline and copyedit an eBook, a blog post series, and email nurture stream and then provided in-depth copyediting. We also created social posts, a 2-part video series, :30 ads–all in house, without a Creative Director, and on a tight budget.

Fragmentation Videos for HR & IT

ROLE: Scripting, set dressing, directing, demo content mock-ups, co-editing/producing.

:30 second spot


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