JiveWorld Videos


These two video concepts were chosen over those pitched by external agencies. Originally only one video was wanted, but both concepts won over decision makers. These videos were created to show on main stage at JiveWorld, Jive’s annual conference.

Jive Connects Us

Jive Connects Us was created over the course of 2 days at JiveWorld to tell the brand story from the customers perspective. Editing throughout the night on day 2, we managed the Herculean task of assembling all the images in an order that both told the story of the event and showed our customers as champions with Jive. The video was immediately shown on main stage on the final morning of JiveWorld17.

My role: I created the concept, wrote the script in advance and worked directly with customers to tell their story while working with internal stakeholders to ensure their priorities were met. But again, this was shot in its entirety at the event. I co-directed with our on-the-ground video crew in Las Vegas and co-piloted in the editing room to make sure we didn’t drop the thread. I’m super proud of the outcome.

Work More Human

Work More Human tells the Jive brand story using concrete language and abstract visuals to tie into the conference theme, “the power of human connection.” It was created in advance of the event with the help of a Portland animator.

My role: Working with stakeholders, I created the concept, wrote the script, sought out and coached our VO artist, and worked closely with the animator to make sure the animations achieved the delicate between abstract and concrete.


The Power of Connection

The Power of Connection was also created over the course of 2.5 days at JiveWorld 2016. Working with Jive’s videographer and its community manager, we were able to fashion a story that truly expressed the feeling of working within Jive from the customers’ POV. This labor of love debuted on the final day on the JiveWorld main stage.