Microsoft ExpertZone

ROLE: Copywriter

Working closely with subject matter experts, I wrote nearly 40 blogs for the Microsoft Retail Advisor program, spanning such topics as Office, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1, Windows Phone, Surface, and Xbox. I tested apps and wrote reviews, created sales how-tos and product recommendations, plus created and promoted a slew of contests.


We promoted each blog post across ExpertZone’s social channels—Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram—requiring additional unique, targeted content for each channel. Click the image below to see a full sample:


Microsoft Windows Phone Sales Demo

The purpose of this “tips and tricks” video for Windows Phone was to give Retail Sales Pros a few handy demos to use in-store to show off the amazing photo capabilities of Windows Phone cameras. This video is the result of close collaboration with content experts and the creative team. My primary role was to research demos and aid in scriptwriting. I had a cameo, showing off one of my sales tips.

Microsoft ExpertZone Newsletters

For over a year, I worked closely with my creative team to write engaging, click-worthy content for the Microsoft Retail Advisor program. This project spanned three monthly newsletters—Windows, Windows Phone, and Xbox—for a quantity of 30+ individual sends.


Microsoft Surface: Halo Spartan Assault

Microsoft wanted to promote brand affinity by inviting RSPs to a Surface-focused event, something we fondly called Halo Bootcamp. I lent my copywriting skills to promotional materials, swag, invites, newsletters, and more.