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“Ok…but why veganism? No one wants to go vegan.”

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In addition to my professional experience, I bring to the table four years of research, writing, and political activism. On my personal blog and on social media, I write about animal agriculture, climate change, and the positive global impact of switching to a plant-based diet.

Obviously, this is a sensitive subject and it takes a delicate hand, well-researched, balanced content, and a deep understanding of my audience—their motivations, their fears, their roadblocks—to reach people and drive real change. This has been the biggest challenge of my writing career; however nearly every month, I receive messages from folks who have turned the corner because of content I’ve created and shared. I understand the power of careful, persuasive writing and strive to connect deeply every day.

That being said, I’ve been grateful for the chance to research and write about this subject for VegFund, a non-profit that supports vegan activists.

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