Hello, new friend!

I’m a copywriter, editor, and creative strategist from Portland, Oregon. I’ve spent 10+ years in ad agencies, on in-house teams, and getting my freelance hustle on for brands/orgs like KEEN Footwear, Jive Software, Microsoft, HP, Northwest Natural, Expedia, Farm Sanctuary, Impossible Foods, and more.

I’m also a creative animal rights activist. In July of 2021, I independently created and launched a passion project called Elwood Farms. Here’s its press page.


Content: Editorials, blogs, educational articles
Copywriting: Email, web, ads, infographics, product descriptions, naming
Copy editing: Revising, rewriting, reorganizing, and proofing for websites, mobile apps, fiction- and non-fiction books, plus editing for non-native English speakers
Video work: Concepts, storyboard outlines, scripts, shot lists, talent wrangling, co-producer/video assistant stuff, voiceover work
Campaign work: Brainstorming, presenting, and executing concepts
Ideation: I bring a lot to a brainstorm, including a lot of cat ideas
Sparkle: I’m actually here to make friends

When I’m not writing for work, I’m writing for fun. I’m the author of Spartacus Ryan Zander and the Secrets of the Incredible. I’m currently working on this in my free time, plus making room in my calendar for other random creative things.