A Jive love song

I just reread my one-year Jive anniversary blog post and realized how much of it still rings true. I wanted to share it with the broader world, to tell what it feels like to work at a company that gets it. Much love to you, Jive. 

May the Fourth Be My Jiversary
May 4, 2015

me First off–yes, I am very much aware of how auspicious it is that I share my Jive anniversary with May The Fourth. I did it so I would never forget my work anniversary–and so I would never forget this important “Star Trek Holiday.”

One year ago today, I arrived at Club Fed with uncertainty and a righteous cold. I spent most of my first week at Jive coughing in the bathroom, winning last place in Jiver bowling, and making fast friends with my coworkers at a healthy distance of ten feet.

I also learned that we do not use the Oxford comma, but this is my own blog post and I will do as I damn well please.

Since then, it’s been a whirlwind of videos and infographics and posters and blog posts and emails and and and etc.  I’ve never worked at a place where I’ve been allowed to be so prolific, or to take ownership over my projects. It’s really exhilarating and empowering. And (now I’m just stealing the words of our customers) there is something electric about working at a place that connects me with everyone.


Ok, so I still carry a lot of baggage from a previous employer who did me wrong by not having a way to communicate to our 100-person workplace that we had a company softball team. It’s a cut that runs deep. This is why Jive means so much more to me than just software. All the copy I write to promote Jive? It’s to help out poor, isolated Past Molly who had no way to share information with her team other than through emails that got ignored. And who had no way to assert herself or have a voice or get recognition or share a George Costanza GIF with the people to whom it mattered most.

koolaidSo yes. I don’t just make the Jive Kool-Aid, I also drink it. And the beer.

Oh, and speaking of Jive Kool Aid…JiveWorld. Holy holy holy crap. My first JiveWorld was an epic example of how awesome it is to work for a place that sells something people actually love and use.

I also loved experiencing Jiver Elation over a job well done IRL! (I will never run out of high-fives for my partners in video-adventure-land, Jessie Edwards and Kosheno Moore.)

IN CLOSING! After a year of collaborating with all you wickedly brilliant, creative, giving, and fun Jivers from across the company and the world, I’m more excited than ever to be here. I can’t wait to make more stuff with you all.

Much love to my near and dear Club Fed Octothorps for making Club Fed feel like home, and thanks to all the GNAKS near and far who make each day on Brewspace lovely.

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